FREE Human resource capital management software

FREE Time and Attendance! FREE HCM


We would like to empower small business owners by offering a FREE Time and Attendance software, FREE HCM, FREE human resource capital management, FREE workforce management, for businesses that have 5 employees or less.  YES COMPLETELY  FREE!!

Tytimecard Overview

Clock In/Out using Fingerprint or Username and password


A beautiful home screen engineered to maximize efficiency for getting your employees through the clock in/out process as fast as possible!

Shifts & Holidays at a glance for all employees


Showing what matters most to your employees in a snapshot!

Comprehensive reporting simplified


Detailed breakdowns with our easy to read color coded and shape keys to get your employees the information they need fast!

Apply for leave


Now quickly access  application for leave simply and user friendly. 

Manage and view leave


Manage and request PTO, unpaid leave or sick time all in one place.

TyTimecard Features


TyTimecard was built to empower employers with a digital clock that is used to track when employees punch in and out during shifts. 

TyTimecard is complimented with powerful reporting tools and a bright analytics dashboard to give you a quick view of punch activity.

TyTimecard can also be empowered with our TyTransfer fingerprint application, protecting your business from ghost or buddy punching.

Employees can also access their own user account to view worked hours & view and manage leave. 

Thats not all

TyTimecard Manager features


TyTimecard features include the ability to control where, when and what device your employees can use to clock in. 

Managers can also receive real-time notifications, via email, when employees request leave and can respond in real time.

Additional features include the ability to use Paid Time off benefits, request vacation time, view their current work schedule and more.