TyTransfer is a fingerprint login tool that interfaces with any Windows PC application or web application without any integration. 

Eliminate typing in a username and or password/PIN and replace it with a secure biometric fingerprint sign on within minutes.

The Superior fingerprint login tool

Tytransfer is perfect for:

Eliminating buddy punching on your workforce management software.

School lunch lines looking replace your bar code scanners and PIN pads so you no longer keep up with your cards or have students remember a PIN.

Locking down any critical window or web applications.

Removing cards from your membership software in gyms, clubs or any other membership based software.

This bundle will include (1) U.are.U4500 single fingerprint reader and software for a single PC. 

How it Works!

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The Regular Process (Using Bar Codes, RFID Badges, & Pins)

The host application (Point of Sales, Time clocks, etc.) use a manual input mechanism with a unique credential or password to identify the user. This mechanism is usually a bar code scanner, RFID card or Pin. This process carries the risk that the ID card or PIN could be easily lost, forgotten or stolen. In this case, Tytransfer can easily facilitate the same action with the security of a fingerprint that cannot be forgotten or stolen.

With Tytransfer (Using fingerprint married to a unique identifier)

Replace the manual input mechanism with fingerprint identification in three easy steps:

Step 1: The user enrolls their fingerprint into the system and marries the template to a unique identifier. The user’s unique credential will be stored with the fingerprint template. 

Step 2: After a user’s fingerprint is scanned, Tytransfer matches the fingerprint and sends the associated credential or identifier to the host application. The host application then performs the normal action, such as clocking the user in or out. 





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